Project: Beyond Wireless

Project goal:

To equip all human milk banks with beyond-wireless, temperature mapping devices.

Project description:

Handling human breastmilk is a delicate process. The temperatures of the human milk bank need to be controlled. When the breastmilk is stored in a freezer, it must stay frozen until the milk is needed for pasteurisation or for a premature baby. If the breastmilk thaws for any reason, it is deemed unsafe to use. The likelihood of load shedding, power failures and the accidental unplugging of freezers is high. The beyond-wireless temperature mapping system allows human milk-bank operators to track the room temperatures as well as the fridge and freezer temperatures. The system sends out smses and emails to inform operators when the power is cut, giving operators an opportunity to track the freezer temperatures and make necessary arrangements if the power is off for a long period of time.